About Jom Ronda Pulau

Manager : Puan Murni Binti Saderi

Phone Number : 012-741 3655

Email : murni5654@gmail.com

Address : Je198, Jalan Endau Kg Tenglu , 86800 Mersing , Johor

We provide snorkelling and island hopping day trips on the islands such as Tengah, Besar, Hujung and Rawa located in Mersing, Johor.
If you want to spend time enjoying the beauty of nature, you can use the packages we provide.

If you take the package provided by Jom Ronda Pulau you will feel satisfied because the islands provided are interesting islands in Johor.
You can not only enjoy a fun vacation but you can also enjoy the beautiful sea view, rare sea life and also the clarity of the sea water.

The islands involved in the available packages are very interesting islands in Johor. For example, Pulau Rawa has a clean white sandy beach.
Clear water surrounds all the beaches on the islands.
Rawa Island is also owned by the family of the Sultan of Johor

Pulau Besar, is an island in the South China Sea. There are approximately 7 to 8 small villages that are settlements,
in order to preserve and conserve the marine life found around the waters of the island, the Johor government has gazetted the waters of the island as "Marine Park".

Jom Ronda Pulau is a travel agency located in Mersing, Johor. The packages that are provided are only daily packages,
the purpose of this daily package was created because we want to ensure that
everyone can enjoy a vacation to the island in Johor.

We also provide free lunch to all our customers. The food provided is different from the menu every time the trip takes place.
If you are worried about safety during your trip on the island, we also provide life
jackets so that the safety of our customers is guaranteed.